It's not therapy, it's juicycoach!


Hundreds of people have got immediate psychological pain relief within 20 minutes of meeting me. Here are their stories below.

I had no idea what was going on, but I went with the flow. 30 minutes later, I was wiping my tears after almost bawling my eyes out during the session. With all of this, Pravind made me realise that he didn’t really do anything and in fact, it was me who healed myself, by revisiting and comforting the version of myself in that memory. That was what hit me the hardest.

Juicycoach basically opened my eyes to the fact that everyone deserves and can achieve mental stability. Progress though simple catharsis was something I never knew was possible. Life is much better after my sessions with Pravind.

Before I went to Prav, I had to say I was in a dark place. For the last 24 years, I have been confused and angry, and as a result have hurt myself and the people around me multiple times. I was extremely upset to say the least. But through Prav, I was able to work through my own issues and accept myself more. After the first session, I already felt a significant change in my attitude and behavior which prompted me to continue my sessions with Prav. Prav is extremely professional but feels like a friend which allowed me to share more about myself than I have to anyone else in my life. He has truly allowed me to believe that I am a better person and I have the strength to continue to be a better person.

With Prav’s guidance and establishment of a safe space during our sessions, I managed to uncover deep pains and anxieties that were lying beneath the surface of my life which were manifesting in extremely detrimental ways such as substance abuse and sex addiction. With clinical precision Prav managed to consistently unpack and defuse my traumas from past eleviating a lot of pain from my life which fundamentally opened up so much more band width. This allowed for my performance In Life to dramatically improve leaps and bounds, where work became play, life became purposeful and relationships became easy.

It has been a pleasure and honour to embark on a self-growth journey with Juicycoach. Juicycoach offered me the support and safety to share my fears, reach out and connect to my inner child. The sessions allowed me to uncover new depths and truths in this life, which would have otherwise been buried in my own pain and fears. I am now able to navigate life with much more ease, kindness and confidence. I highly recommend Juicy Coach to anyone out there who is ready to discover your truth.

Merely a few sessions in and I could feel parts of myself that I hadn’t visited in years start to heal. I felt myself becoming stronger in a way that Ihad only ever envisioned but never managed to feel. Honestly, I was completely scared because I had been so consumed in this dark space for so long that having this newfound strength within me was something that I was completely unaccustomed to. And today almost 3 months later, I can feel myself being a completely different person. The amount of trauma and pain I’ve managed to heal with Pravind is something that I never dreamed could even be a possibility but here I am.

One session is really all it takes for me to understand how to heal both spiritually and mentally. Pravind’s methods are extremely incredible and unique, and it also made me realize how simple it is to start taking action into recovery. Thank you so much for helping me stay present and alive, and may the abundance of love and kindness shared among us reach to others and beyond.

One word: Breakthrough. I went into Prav’s session with an open mind but was not expecting much from an initial meeting, thinking I would just be sharing about my life and doing 90% of the talking. I was put at ease when I realised how quickly he could pick up and gather information based on what I was sharing, and how safe and comfortable he made me feel sharing what I did. His therapy methodology allowed me to connect with myself in a way I never knew how to. This for me, was a breakthrough. I’m really surprised to see this much progress in just the first session and I’m looking forward to future sessions. Thank you Prav, thank you for your gift.

Working with juicyoach has helped me understand myself better. Being able to take the time to pause and pay attention to my mental health has been so impactful on my daily life. It has provided a space for me to learn and grow comfortably. juicycoach has allowed me to feel heard, and I trust they'd be able to help others feel the same way.

Before JuicyCoach, I was one who constantly questioned my own decisions making methods. We dug into this term, childhood trauma, which my only knowledge prior was through endless Google searches. During the first session, we went about poking into some deep rooted childhood traumas which explains the way I tend to make certain decisions and it has definitely helped me align myself and support myself in my future steps in making my choices when needed. I would say that I made a good choice in stepping into the sessions as it has enlightened me a lot. An eye opener would be an understatement as it was beyond "Ohhh that's why."

Yes it will go to the uncomfortable places at the deepest darkest parts of yourself, but with the guidance and expertise from Paul, you are in safe hands and can expect a better outcome than handling it yourself. The sessions are not done through brute force. Rather, support is built from within and only when you feel safe do you truly discover the truths that have been within and propelling you to do what you do.

My first session with Juicycoach was an eye-opener. I was sceptical about his approach to mental health. However, he proved me wrong. I experienced how honesty and vulnerability feels. The session also shows me how to regulate my anxiety in a healthy way. I would recommend Juicycoach to whoever would want to kick start their mental health journey the unconventional way.

Paul is great! He's like a best friend in the safest of spaces. In my sessions, we managed to dig deep and find the root of my innermost problems and I felt like a new person ever since. No matter how big or how small your problems are, we face it full on together. Rest assured that you are in good hands :)